Vintage Bridal Styling: What You Need to Know

Vintage styling continues to be the dream for many brides-to-be; but how do you create the perfect vintage look? And how do you achieve perfect bridal styling to mimic your favourite decade? Fortunately, the style gurus at Lipstick and Curls are able to share their professional pampering and preening services to help brides wishing for an authentic or classic vintage look. I caught up with London based beauty queen, Amanda Moorhouse, to discover some of her top hair and beauty secrets and tips for creating a stunning vintage look.


Tell me a little about why you created Lipstick and Curls.

It was really my love of all things retro and my past experiences that made me create the brand. I had worked in Fashion and media as a hair and make up artist for 12 years prior to establishing Lipstick and Curls. I was very interested in film and often researched back though the archives to find inspiration for my work. With a love of all things vintage I enjoyed the London Vintage scene and became more aware of the need for vintage glamour in our modern day lives, the company just grew organically. I now specialise in Vintage Styling and continue to work in fashion and media. It is great to have a focus and research back through the decades… I unearth something new every day!!!

What would be your ultimate tip for achieving the perfect 50’s look?

Red lipstick is a wonderfully simple way of adding a little bit of 50’s glamour into your styling and for bridal styling looks so great against an ivory/white gown. The 1950’s classic lined eye is also a great clean look that will define and brighten your eyes, suits most eye shapes and is a key look of the decade.

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How would you describe the main differences in style between each vintage decade?

1920’s – This was a very decadent era, haircuts were short and blunt and dresses and underwear were loose giving a rather flamboyant appearance, the hair and make up was in keeping, the eyes and lips were as dark as possible and the skin was porcelain, almost like a black and white movie still!


1930’s – This look developed on from the 1920’s it was less wild and had a more elegant edge. Hair was still short but softer, with curls tight and brushed around the nape of the neckline. Long hair was also pinned and shaped into the nape of the neck. The make up softened too, the lips became more ruby in colour and the eyes became less heavy. Dresses were cut more on the bias to hug the figure giving a distinct silhouette for that time.

1940’s – There was a notable change within this decade and due to a shortage of absolutely everything! The style from this decade was affected. Make up was very neutral with only a groomed brow and a red lip to define the decade. Women began to experiment more with their hair and sculpted new fashionable hairstyles to compensate for the lack of available beauty products. An iconic hairstyle of this time was a Victory Roll, this was actually a fighter plane manoeuvre and consisted of a roll in a circle shape placed at either side of the front section of the head.


1950’s – The 1950’s saw the birth of the teenager and whilst the red lipstick was still a very purchased item there was now so much more choice and teenagers explored a new range of cosmetics in shades such as lavender, peach and rose. Hair became longer and the beehive and ponytail became popular towards the end of the decade. Tops and pants became tighter and dressers used a great deal more extravagant fabrics creating a long floaty A line shape.


1960′s – This decade saw a lot of change. Women were influenced by fashion and fashion was influenced by Art. The 1960’s image was very experimental. Women wore heavy lashes and opaque bold colours on their eyes and lips, they grew their hair long, they straightened their hair, they cut fringes into their hair, and they cut their hair into asymmetrical shapes. It was a very important decade for a woman as we could experiment with our image and push the boundaries and conventions. This was an exciting time!


1970’s – Things got very glossy in the 70’s. Pearl essence was added to nearly everything! So all the bold colours of the 1960’s now became very shimmery and pastel in shade, the lips had extra gloss giving a very wet sheen. The hair began to get bigger again too and big loose curls became very fashionable. All in one trouser suits were very popular and wide trouser legs and chunky platform shoes too!


Do you have a favourite vintage look that you love to recreate?

I have been into Vintage and everything Retro for sometime now, probably around 18 years. I have a real love of the 1950’s. This is reflected in my image and nearly everything that surrounds me at home! I also love the strong styling from the 1920’s and 30’s. I find not only beauty, but most objects from these decades were so desirable.


What trends you see being most popular in 2014/15?

I see a lot of very structured styles especially in bridal styling. The 20’s and 30’s dominate at the moment in Vintage styling with waves and buns being the most popular style requested and the most desirable for bridal hair. I do think we may see a change in the coming year as a more natural style may be more on trend with the influence of the 1970’s and the iconic image of the 1950’s. I think a looser down style may be popular and will look great with most gowns!

Thank-you very much to Amanda for taking the time to speak to The Fairytale Bride. She’s shown us how diverse vintage styling is and has inspired us all… Now, where did I put that matt red lippy?

Images Courtesy of: Lipstick and Curls

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