Top 5 Hen Party Games

Amongst many things I’m looking forward to in 2016, will be being a bridesmaid to one of my favourite friends. Now, I don’t want to give the game away, so I have to be a little bit careful about what I say, but it’s got me thinking… What are the best games for a hen party? How can we make our gorgeous bride-to-be blush a little whilst retaining our friendship?


The Biscuit Challenge

Ok, so I know that many brides prefer to watch their figure in the run up to the big day; but let’s face it… one little biscuit is nothing after the multiple bottles of prosecco that you’re likely to consume at your hen party. And these pretty hen-do biscuits are too cute to overlook. (You can check out the recipe on Butcher Baker Baby). To play, all you have to do is challenge your girls to choose a biscuit and nibble it into the shape of a willy! This is much trickier than it sounds – trust me on that one. The Bride then chooses whose is the best and they could receive a prize.



If you love silly games then you’ll certainly find Swing-Bat very amusing! Hens must pop a tennis ball (though I have seen it done with an orange) into a stocking and tie it around their waist. Place a plastic, 1 litre bottle filled with water into the middle of the space and have a timer handy. Guests must take turns to try and knock the bottle over, with the quickest ‘thruster’ being proclaimed as the winner. Better start limbering up those hips, girlies!


Junk in the Trunk

Whilst we’re on the slightly less than elegant theme, Junk in the Trunk is another favourite game, guaranteed to make your girlfriends giggle. You’ll need a selection of empty tissue boxes and a heap of ping-pong balls (8 per player is ideal). Players must pop the ping-pong balls inside the tissue box and secure it to their waist. Once everyone has loaded up the junk in their trunks, they must shake their bootys as vigorously as they dare to try and remove all of the balls from their box within 60 seconds. This game is hilarious – definitely one to have a camera nearby for!

Cheat: If your bride is happy to play along and be stitched up a little, then ensure her tissue box has the smallest hole by cutting a slightly larger hole in all of the other boxes. Not that I condone cheating or fixing forfeits of course…



Having invested in all of those ping-pong balls, you may as well find another use for them. Perhaps not for demure brides at a quaint affair, Bra-Pong will almost certainly get everybody into the party spirit.

Memory Lane

Of course, not every game need be raucous… your Bride probably wants to remember at least part of her hen do fondly, (and not the part where you’re holding her hair back!) Memory Lane is a great game for hen groups who may not know each other well, or for parties who’d prefer a few calmer moments. Either prior to the event, or as everyone arrives, ask each hen to write a memory of the bride, groom or happy couple. This could be how you first met, a funny moment you’ve shared, or something sentimental. Pop all of the memories into a hat/balloon/ magic bag – you choose – and ask the bride-to-be to select a story. The bride needs to read it aloud to the group and guess which hen wrote it. A lovely way to introduce people from different walks of the bride’s life and she gets a box of memories as a keepsake to cherish forever.

And that’s it – 5 little games for you to have fun with. Make them as naughty or as nice as you like. All that’s left for me to say is: we love you Miss Brown, but you better beware!


Images Courtesy of: Tonie Christine Photography, HBO Films, Butcher Baker Baby, Cotton Socks, Brit Ellis, Kimmy Kat Tried That

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