Why You Should Make a Dog’s Dinner at Your Wedding Breakfast

If your pet is man’s best friend, surely they deserve an invite to your wedding too? The debate over whether to invite children to your wedding has moved on to whether you should invite your pet. Now, I love my dog: a beautiful Samoyed named Winston, who should be snow white but is more often muddy brown. He would have been a gorgeous asset to any wedding photo; but since he also likes to join in on conversation, he didn’t make an appearance on my wedding day! However, if your pooch or pet has a better etiquette than mine, here’s why you might like to consider inviting them.


Pets make excellent ring-bearers

Your super-cute page boy might swallow them, your best man might forget them, at least you can count on Rex or Rufus or even Toby the tortoise to remember the rings. Tie a ring cushion to their harness to give your very important pet a very important role in your ceremony.

They don’t need their bridesmaid’s dress to ‘flatter their figure’

You’ve imagined the perfect dress, you’ve finally found a date that works for everyone (including your maid of honour, who’s had to fly in from the other side of the world) and you’ve been looking forward to it since you got engaged – the moment you take your best friends shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Girls, shopping, dresses… what could go wrong, right? Well, your sister is pregnant, so insists on a loose fitting style; your childhood friend is well endowed but wants to keep the boys hidden; your petite work colleague only suits dresses which finish above the knee and deep down, you’d envisioned beautiful, matching strapless numbers to compliment your bridal gown’s sweetheart neckline! Nightmare! Still, choose to walk down the aisle with your favourite four legged friend and none of this trauma needs to exist.

It doesn’t matter if your pet refuses to smile at the camera

Natural photography is a trend destined to stay awhile. If you’d prefer your photographer to capture organic moments in time, over staged, slightly awkward group shots, then inviting your furry friend into the frame may be the way to go. If your puppy, pet goat, or donkey look straight into the lens, that’s great. If they suddenly hear a squirrel and their gaze follows, then that’s great too.

Pets make gorgeous flower-girls… Flowers make pets smell gorgeous too

Brides usually hold a bouquet, grooms may wear a boutonniere, so why leave your pretty pet out. Help them fit in with a floral collar, or perhaps a floral headband as beautifully modelled below.

Pets add a fresh focal point to your photographs

We’ve all seen the rings shot… and the first kiss shot… and the ‘Look, we just got married, aren’t we kinda crazy!’ shot… but there are far fewer wedding albums that include the bulldogs in bow ties, ‘Help, the rabbit’s just weed on my hand!’ or the ‘Let’s stroke a goat,’ snap shots. Want your wedding photos to stand out from everyone else’s? Best invite your pet!


Image courtesy of Heather Parker Photography

They give your photography a dreamy feel


Pets pose better than people… Move over Cara Delevingne!

Aside from the time he was racing towards me with his tongue hanging out, I’ve yet to snap a bad photo of my pup. Me, on the other hand… Well, err, hello… Ever heard of Photoshop?! I’d love to believe it was stature alone that has prevented me from sashaying alongside Jourdan Dunn and her friends. Sadly though, it isn’t. Yet, Winston, my beloved puppy, would make an awesome supermodel… No make-up, no airbrushing, no trick photography… simply flawless!

Let’s face it, your pet is the cutest member of your family

Weddings are family affairs. Even if you elope, the day you marry marks the birth of a new branch on your family tree. People love pets: adorn them with a bow tie or a floral leash and your pet will become the object of your guest’s affections; children will be kept amused cuddling or playing with them and you will have your loyalist friend by your side on the most memorable day of you life. Tempted? Go on, give a dog a bone!



Pets make great babysitters… Proud mummy moment!

Images courtesy of: Don Mancera, Zac Wolf PhotographyWeber PhotographyVicki, Grafton PhotographyBlush Wedding PhotographyElizabeth McDonnell PhotographyCarmen SantorelliSonya KhegayTangled Lilac PhotographyHeather, Parker PhotographyMolly Davidson Photography, Jamie Zanotti PhotographyMirelle CarmichaelCarmen and Ingo PhotographyJosh Madson Photography

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