How to Find Your Perfect Match

Out of all the things I wish for my friends, most of all I hope that they find love and happiness. Yet that is easier said than done. At one point or another, each of my single friends has started looking for their doubles partner. There have been a couple of curve balls and a few near misses, but so far, few suitors have been able to win my friends’ hearts. So, just how do you find your perfect match? Well this summer, I think I might just have the answer…



Hey! Don’t call me crazy, hear me out on this one. I met my husband when I was in my early 20s. But if I hadn’t and I was still seeking Mr Right now, what would I do? Where would I go to find him? By now I would have trawled all of the bars and local night spots, (no one new there anymore), and I probably would have stalked a few potentials whilst at the dog park, (a cute, playful puppy dry-humping your leg is an easy ice-breaker). Perhaps I would have joined the gym only to discover that many gyms are the most anti-social of places you can enter, or tried to join a more male dominated profession, even. Who knows? What if, despite my best efforts to ‘spontaneously’ bump into the man I would marry, I was still single and not wanting to be? Where would I go next? Where else might the man-who-could-potentially-be-my-future-lover hang out? Well ladies, I’m telling you… Get yourself tickets to Wimbledon this summer. Here’s why…



Step aside passion-fruit, the seductive strawberry has many aphrodisiac qualities thanks to their high vitamin C content. A love symbol, artists and poets have endorsed the sweet strawberry as a catalyst for romance for centuries. Now, let me ponder, where you might find an abundance of strawberries in early July… aha… yes, Wimbledon. Do you see where I’m heading now?


You’re in the mood for romance, but feeling a little tense. Of course you are, it’s nerve-wracking meeting for the first time, the man who will likely father your children. Almost automatically (be honest), you wish you were gripping onto a glass of dutch courage, but it’s only 11:30am on a wet Wednesday and you’re in a very public arena, plus there’s always the remotest chance your boss might see you on the television; surely drinking at this time will only turn off a potential date, not entice him? Fortunately, at Wimbledon, it’s a different story. Here you can hold your head high, proudly march towards the Pimm’s tent and get as squiffy as you like on any day of the week, at any time of day. Besides, no one will notice your slightly cross-eyed stare as you don a pair of Wimbledon must-have, celeb inspired, bug-eye sunnies… that is until…

The Rain

Should you decide to follow my advice and head over to Wimbledon, don’t expect the sunshine you woke with to remain all day. It will rain. This is England, we can pretty much guarantee you that it will rain. Great! This is good news if the thought of glimpsing Tommy Haas in a wet t-shirt floats your boat! Maybe not so good though once you spot his beautiful family opposite you in the crowd. Hass may be married and off-limits, but there will be plenty of attractive singles enjoying lavish corporate outings. While you coyly fret that the rain will cause a frizz nightmare, the gentleman to your right may just be planning his daring rescue. As he gallantly leans towards you, perhaps his arm brushes against your’s. And then, as you feel a crimson glow highlight your cheeks, he shields you with his… er… golf umbrella (What else!)


The Queues

Even more so than the rain, you will undoubtedly witness queuing whilst at Wimbledon. Us Brits are supposedly famous for them. Queues to access the underground station, queues to enter the grounds, queues to leave the grounds, queues for the courts, queues for refreshments, queues for the toilets and probably even queues for the sake of queuing! Please don’t be downhearted though. Each of these waiting lines is an opportunity to people-watch and get nattering to the man of your dreams, who is of course, conveniently standing nearby. You’ll know he’s the one because you will have already spent most of your time checking him out whilst you’ve stood in line after line queuing. I mean, what else is one to do? Which has got me wondering… With queuing being the natural order of play at Wimbledon, surely it wouldn’t be too hard to initiate a queue that leads the best looking men straight to you… Hmm…


Wimbledon has the potential to be the most romantic of settings. Just last year, Centre Court witnessed Greg Pearson go down on bended knee to ask his girlfriend, Amanda Rossiter, to marry him. She said yes, of course and the couple went on to watch Andy Murray beat Andreas Seppi. So, you see, I truly think there is hope for finding love at Wimbledon. Having found your ‘one’ at this sporting event, you may feel inspired to host a tennis themed wedding. Personally, I love the idea of strawberry and prosecco jam wedding favours, and a Pimm’s tricycle is sure to be hit with your guests too. Just look how happy this couple and their wedding party are below, they must have had a glass of something. Which leaves me with one more thing to say… Dear lovely single friends, I really hope you find love and happiness soon; but if you are still seeking contentment next summer, we’re taking a road trip to Wimbledon. Sometimes, it’s the long shot that will land you your ace!

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