5 Must-Have Secrets to ‘Appy Wedding Planning

Dear Husband,
I am about to admit that you ‘might’ be right. I know this rarely happens, (you being right/me admitting it), so please don’t pass out before reading to the end of this letter (there’s a link you will like at the end). Although I usually judge a phone by it’s ability to fit into one’s purse, and I still prefer a paper diary to an online calendar, there’s something to be said for the modern day smartphone… Here I go… Deep breath… You were right. No longer will my smartphone be used for just calls and texts. I promise to try and use it to its full potential because. I. Love. Apps. Here are my top 5 wedding apps to turn Bridezilla into Little Miss Calm and Organised.



If you haven’t downloaded my I-spy for Guests Game yet, then you are missing out on countless memorable photo opportunities. For many of us, our wedding snaps are a priority. We tend not to mind spending more money on an extra photographer or additional images because, after the whirlwind of the day is over, we will always have the images to reflect back on and cherish. WedPics enables you to have multiple photographers throughout your entire event, at every table, at each clink of your champagne flute. It allows all of your guests to snapshot your day and and upload their pictures into organised WedPics albums. The happy couple are then free to browse all the pictures and download their favourites onto a computer for cropping, resizing and printing. With unlimited storage for both photos and videos, the app beats popping a set of disposable cameras at every table; it’s far more probable that people will pick up their phone than a cheap camera. Almost everyone has a smartphone, so between them your guests can capture every image on your Photography Checklist. Though, unless you only invite trained photographers to your wedding, I wouldn’t cancel your professional snapper just yet… Do you really want 99 photos of a merry Uncle Albert doing the worm and only 1 of your first dance?!


Availability: Android, iOS
Cost: FREE


Especially for the DIY bride, Instructables features crafts of every kind (not just related to weddings). Users can explore thousands of projects (thankfully the search function will help you narrow the list if you’re hunting for a particular creation), then follow the step by step instructions to create their own DIY fancy. I searched ‘wedding’ and discovered everything from bouquets to cakes to centrepieces and even dresses. I also came across a how-to guide for giant illuminated letters, the accessory of the moment, seen on many a reception dance floor. A word of caution though, you might want to ensure you are time rich before you get swept up in the DIY route. Don’t decide to DIY if you only have a few weeks before your wedding; the best homemade gems are usually a labour of both love and time.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows
Cost: FREE


Along with the essential wedding website and a guest management function, Zankyou has a unique and useful approach to organising your gift registry. I have to be honest; I have mixed opinions on gift lists, but having now acquired a wardrobe floor of forgotten gifts from relatives, (who shall remain nameless), I can clearly see the benefit of a gift registry. It’s now commonplace for couples to have set-up house together before tying the knot and with that, few newlyweds really desire a new knife set or the equivalent. From a guest’s perspective, I don’t particularly want to buy you a heated, vibrating foot slipper either, (which, by the way happens to be the most memorable gift I’ve ever been given – true story!) With Zankyou, you choose the gifts you would like, whether these be tangible items, excursions for your honeymoon, or money towards your preferred charitable cause. Your guests still select what they would like to buy for you, but then you receive the equivalent cash amount directly into your bank account. The advantage being that you are then free to purchase the Swedish foot massage that you really wanted (not the vibrating slipper!)


Availability: Android, iOS
Cost: FREE


I love lists! Actually, I might just be the world’s greatest list fanatic and as such, this clever little app really appealed to me: Wedding Happy is your practical to-do list as you countdown to your big day. Enter your wedding date and the app cleverly works out a timeline of what you should be doing and when. It will break each task down to ensure that no little detail escapes your attention and provides a place for you to store all of your vendors’ contact details for easy reference. You can mark each task off once you’ve completed it and use visual charts to track your progress, so you can see at a glance how far you’ve come and much planning and organising you’ve yet to do… so satisfying!


Availability: iOS
Cost: FREE


A great allrounder, Appy Couple is packed with features. Couples create a platform where they can share the details of the proposal, the engagement, the wedding and even the honeymoon (should they wish to!) But where I believe it really excels is as a guest list manager. Once you have picked from one of the 500 gorgeous designs, (I love ‘BIrd of Paradise’ as shown below), you can send guests their invitations and they can RSVP simply by using their smartphone – meaning a lot less chasing as you anxiously await your once daily visit from the postman. (How many times have you bought and written a birthday card and then never quite gotten round to posting it? Or is that just me?) You can personalise the app to include details on accommodation, timings, the gift registry if you choose to have one, and guests are able to share photographs of your special day with you too. My favourite feature though, is the virtual champagne toast; perfect for friends or family who are unable to celebrate with you in person.


Availability: Android, iOS, Windows
Cost: From $39 (FREE for Guests)

So, dearest husband, I am asking you to forgive me for my earlier stubbornness. You are right. Apps can make life easier and phones do have a use other than simple calls and texts. Maybe you’re reading this post on your phone right now? If you are, then I’ve found another wonderful use for it: Vote for The Fairytale Bride in the ‘Best Rising Star’ category at the 2016 Wedding Blog Awards. Click the link, here. Why should you nominate me? Because I make you ‘appy of course!

Love always, The Fairytale Bride xx

Cover image courtesy of: MMW Studio

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