27 Cute and Quirky Wedding Photos to Recreate


Call it vanity, but I could never tire of looking back at my wedding photos. I love to reflect on all the little details that had taken us months of preparation to agree on, to reminisce about what had been said to make everybody in our group shots laugh real laughter, and to fondly remember the emotions I felt during each stage of that magical day. Nerves, joy, anticipation – the camera caught it all and I’m glad that it did. Perhaps one day my memories will fade. Maybe I won’t be able to recall the sunshine hitting my right shoulder during our ceremony, or my eyes welling up as my brother read his speech in my dad’s absence.



But at least if the memories do start to diminish, I will have our photographs. Not just the formal shots either. Choosing the right photographer requires you to choose how you’d like to remember your wedding. Do you want dreamy shots or would you prefer more traditional, contemporary or dramatic images? Which pictures will be you must-haves? Is it’s more important to you to capture your groom’s first look face over your entrance (or visa-versa), then you’ll need to tell your photographer which way to angle his lens. (Download a copy of my wedding photography checklist here to ensure you don’t miss any key moments).


If, after downloading the checklist, you find yourself still seeking inspiration, check out these cute and quirky ideas to capture each fleeting moment of your special day. When you look back at the photographs and reflect in years to come, no one will be able to tell you that your wedding wasn’t fun!


Images Courtesy of: Xiss Photography, Matt Shumate, Alex M, Anna K, Kim Seidl, Memory Montage Photography, Matt Parry, Katy Hall, Amanda Bailard, Jennifer Noel, Northern Exposure Photograhy, Aled Garfield, Fergal McGrath, Jen Fariello, Aaron Rebarchek, Andris Sprogis, Dmitri Markine, Jodie Miller, Justin Lucarelli, Emma Case

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