Wedding Dress Inspiration: The Alon Livne Way

Fresh from New York Bridal Week, Alon Livné’s 2017 White collection has made our heads spin and our eyes sparkle with desire. Billowing trains, intricate hand embroidery and romantic floral motifs, Livné’s latest collection portrays femininity and glamour across all of his 34 new styles. If you haven’t heard of the designer before now, let me ‘reveal’ why you should sit up and take note…

Alon Livne White 2017 Bridal Collection Runway Show

Beautiful Embellishments

Whilst searching for my wedding dress, I remember trying on a stunning gown. It was the perfect princess dress, absolutely dripping with diamantes, and oh so, so pretty. Yet, trying it on my slender frame, I was unnoticeable. Completely hidden. Had I chosen that dress, my husband would have spent all day hunting for me; it was just too much. Livné, on the other hand, gets the balance just right. The beading is delicate, arranged in intricate curvilinear designs, which catch the observers’ eyes without overpowering them. I love the bodice and beaded capped sleeves on Terri (above) and the barely-there straps attached to sleek sweetheart neckline on Alexandra (below), which I’m confident would make even my petite and clumsy frame appear taller and more elegant.

Streamlined Femininity

Fortunately, the dress I eventually set my heart on flattered my skinny figure to give the illusion of curves AND boobs (hooray!) On my wedding day I wanted to feel like a lady – not be a lady trapped in the body of a prepubescent tweenager. The dress had to work miracles and Livné is a miracle-worker. All of the 34 designs in his 2017 collection pay homage to the female form. Timeless sheath dresses paraded down the runway at the Bohemian National Hall alongside slimming A-line dresses with cinched waists, a bejeweled bodysuit and even a trouser-suit. Each style leaving a trail of femininity behind it like the sweet scent of a fine fragrance. Slipping into one of these gowns would make almost any woman feel like she had the curves and confidence of Beyoncé. (To be fair, he has designed dresses for the singer too, so if he’s good enough for Beyoncé…!)

Exquisite Detailing

Most brides I have known have spent weeks, months, years planning every single aspect of their special day. Their attention to detail is impeccable – on which other day do you care whether your fiancé wears a matching pair of socks or not? It is clear that every millimetre of material in one of Livné’s gowns has been well thought out. Floral motifs and hand embroidered patterns are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement. The designs are interwoven into the gowns to create a look that will suit both traditional and modern brides. Lace doesn’t often excite me, but the intricate lace detailing on many of Livné’s dresses is just too pretty to ignore.

Sheer Glamour

Above all else, the details that have taken most of the media’s breath away are the sheer backs, bodices and necklines. Each dress is carefully and tastefully designed to provide just enough coverage to prevent you from revealing too much before your wedding night. Protecting your modesty, yet in a way that captures the barely there look, the results are stunning.


When I see collections such as this, it really makes me wish I could get married all over again. With the rush of emotions – excitement, nervous energy, hope – the feeling of stepping into your dress on your wedding day is exhilarating. To experience another day wrapped up in romance would be Heaven, (which coincidentally is the name of Livné’s most revealing number). If you feel confident enough to strut down the aisle in a dress modelled on a leotard (and a very lovely leotard it is too), then you can be absolutely certain that heads will turn and guests will gasp. Everyone will want to know: Which designer did she choose? Well, if you are tired of being drowned by ballgowns and are sick of corsets, after seeing his latest collection I hope you’ll agree, the Alon Livné White way is the right way to go!

Images Courtesy of: Getty Images for Alon Livné

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